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"Inditalia Refcon Ltd was incorporated on 16th April 1986 with the intention to start project for manufacture of Reefer Containers with Italian Joint Venture. Later the company changed its plans and now proposes to venture into leasing of refer containers."

The company is a Public Limited company, based in Mumbai.

Board of Directors :
  1. 1 Ms. Sujata Mital – Woman Director
  2. 2 Mr. Navin Sheth
  3. 3  Mr. Mahesh Sawant - Director.
  4. 4 Mr. Abhay Dadarkar – Independent Directors
  1. 5 Mr. Dattatraya Amonker – Independent Director
  2. 6 Dr. Silvano Sapeco
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The Company has now ventured into Business of Biotechnology Chemicals and Diagnostics.

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